The potters at White Mountain Pottery are a group of exceptionally talented and dedicated ceramicists.
This is a small sampling of the art exhibited for sale at the Gallery. Please call for more information.
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Gary Houston - Arizona
Gary opened his first store in Canada when he was 18 years young. After many years
of supplying stores, restaurants and galleries, he opend his own studio in Santa Barbara, CA.
From there he moved to Arizona where he taught pottery at the local collete. He maintains a home and studio
in the Arizona mountains. After 40 years his work continues to be artistic and functional.
Stoneware by Tim Wierwille, Founder of White Mountain Pottery Gallery

Bill Campbell - Flambeaux Art Pottery, Cambridge Springs, PA
Bill Campbell has been a potter for over 30 years. Across the country,
his porcelain is admired for its spectacular color and elegant, crisp forms...
each piece maintaining some of the energy of its creator.
The glazes dance with surprising vibrancy in unexpected patterns.
Functional pots become little moments of celebration within the day to day routine.

Ken Merrick - Truth or Consequences, NM
His unique pottery is widely known and collected by art lovers throughout the southwest.
Each piece of Merrick's work is a beautifully handcrafted example of functional and utilitarian art and is
uniquely colored and individually signed by the artist. Ken works from Truth or Consequences, NM.

Roger Calhoun - Mesa Arizona
Arizona native Roger Calhoun was first introduced to ceramics in high school and has been making pottery ever since. He sharpened his skills working in production pottery houses throughout the southwest and New York. In 1990 Roger returned to Arizona and started his own business specializing in hand thrown stoneware, raku and horse hair pottery. Roger has always loved raku and horse hair because the potter is involved in the firing of every piece. “I call raku a fire dance because the artist has to be on top of all the elements involved- fire, correct temperature and proper reduction. I don't know what the finished piece will look like until I open the reduction chamber and see.” Rogers' horse hair work is known for its striking glaze and metallic oxide combinations. Roger currently lives and has his studio in Mesa, Arizona.

Christopher Heede - Scottsdale Arizona
Christopher Heede loves to work being surrounded by nature is what nurtures and inspires his work. In creating ceramics, or in life itself, the dichotomy of simplicity and complexity constantly inspires and challenges. His work embraces and embodies this theme. From the raku process, to a woodfire technique, to sculpture, to architectural pieces, he strives to maintain integrity in his work and make it a beautiful and timeless expression of his life and his vision.

Aria Finch - Roswell, NM.
Aria is animated, technical, creative and very talented. White Mountain Pottery is featuring
her crosses but we often share more of her imaginative work.

Jennifer Pottner - Mason Ohio
Jennifer creates a distinct line of jewelry components with a rustic, modern edge. All pieces are hand-made by her one at a time then raku-fired using the traditional Japanese technique which involves fire and combustible materials. This results in beautiful metallic colors and lusters that are unique to each piece and only achievable through this process.

Jacqueline Jackson from Arizona
Jacqueline was born in Cottonwood, Arizona and raised among the red rock mountains of Sedona.
Her love of the surrounding countryside and its peoples is a constant influence in her work.
Jacque’s sculptures largely depict the native peoples and animal life of the Southwest.
Her knowledge of art has come through a special apprenticeship with her clay.
All of her work is hand molded, not built with a potter's wheel.
Jacqueline enjoys the constant challenge of evolving new techniques with her medium.

Rudy Lucero, Las Cruces New Mexico
Rudy is a recent addition to our family of potters. He uses many firing techniques and builds gorgeous pots
creating a large selection of fine art pottery we are proud to offer to our guests.
LivingWare Flower Pillows and Ikebana, from Arizona
These are wonderful additions to any corner spot.
Ikebana is the ancient art of flower arranging combining beauty and simplicity.
The three stems unite Heaven, Earth and Man.
The Flower Pillows on the left allow you to put those little wild flowers
in their own little nook. Available in many colors.
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